WCML overnight freight variety at Preston 27th - 28th February 2018

Second night owl filming of 2018 as we settle down with sub-temperatures of -6c and wind chill making it -10c. Starting off Freightliner 86s with the usual freight flows before seeing 66603 powering through with 2000 tonnes of stone to Hardendale and 66301 with 88002 on 6C18. 92044 giving 86101 a lift with 1M11 which ended up behind 1M16 92010. 8F 48151 popped by Preston while working 5Z72 to Farington Jn to join on a charter. The weather was well as I say rather cold which didn't stop me attempting to do this all night, sadly this was the last lot of overnight freight filmed as 28th February the snow closed the WCML between Carlisle and Scotland meaning all passenger and freight traffic was suspended.

86613/627 4S56 Crewe Bas Hall S.S.N. to Coatbridge F.L.T.

86607/628 4M11 Coatbridge F.L.T. to Crewe Bas Hall S.S.M.

88007 4M48 Mossend Euroterminal to Daventry Drs (Tesco)

90036/024 4S47 Daventry Int Rft Recep Rfd to Mossend Euroterminal

90040 6X77 Dagenham Dock Reception to Mossend Down Yard

86608/639 4L81 Coatbridge F.L.T. to London Gateway Frghtliner

325009/011 1S55 Warrington Royal Mail(Dbs) to Shieldmuir Mail Terminal

90035/67018 6L35 Mossend Down Yard to Dagenham Dock Reception

66175 4S49 Daventry Int Rft Recep Rfd to Grangemouth Tdg (Ews)

66007 4M30 Grangemouth Tdg (Ews) to Daventry Int Rft Recep Rfd

90042 1S25 London Euston to Inverness

86612/614 4L89 Coatbridge F.L.T. to Felixstowe North F.L.T.

66603 6C54 Tunstead Sdgs to Hardendale Qry Shap (Fhh)

86628/607 4S83 London Gateway Frghtliner to Coatbridge F.L.T.

66727 6C01 Bicester Mod Gbrf to Longtown Mod Gbrf

86639/608 4S88 Felixstowe North F.L.T. to Coatbridge F.L.T.

60087 6C37 Chirk Kronospan Colas Rail to Carlisle Yard Colas Rail

66047 6M75 Margam T.C. to Carlisle N.Y.

90047/048 4M49 Coatbridge F.L.T. to Daventry Int Rft Recep Fl

90016 1S26 London Euston to Glasgow Central

66301/88002 6C18 Crewe Bas Hall S.S.M. to Carlisle N.Y.

92010 1M16 Inverness to London Euston

92044/86101 1M11 Glasgow Central to London Euston

66569 4S40 Crewe Bas Hall S.S.N. to Greenburn (Fhh)

68016/025/023/002 6C53 Crewe Coal Sidings (Drs) to Sellafield B.N.F.

48151 5Z72 Carnforth Steamtown to Farington Jn

88007 4S43 Daventry Drs (Tesco) to Mossend Euroterminal

47245 0Z71 Farington Jn to Preston (Internal Movement)

90041/043 4M27 Coatbridge F.L.T. to Daventry Int Rft Recep Fl

90024/036 4M25 Mossend Euroterminal to Daventry Int Rft Recep Rfd

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